Sing-Along with the Chorus:

Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil ("Vespers")

June 23, 2019 -- 4:00pm
Star of the Sea Church

4420 Geary (@ 8th Ave)
San Francisco, CA

Rachmaninov's sublime and timeless composition is one of the true jewels of the choral repertoire. In this music, one can hear the liturgical chants of ancient Russia, the harmonies and rhythms of a more modern composer struggling to invigorate those ancient chants with the new musical ideas of his own era, and the sounds of Russian church bells -- one of the deepest musical memories of Rachmaninov’s Russian childhood.

Vigil is a lush choral work where six-, seven-, or even eleven-part (!!) harmonies frequently occur. Also notable in the work is the finale of the fifth movement, which challenges even the lowest-ranging of the bassi profondi (deep basses).

Everyone is welcome to come and sing; you don’t need to speak or read Russian! If you’ve sung this piece before, you know how deeply beautiful it is; if you haven’t sung it before, you’re in for a wonderful new choral experience! In either case, our Artistic Director will lead you into a deep and rich understanding of this choral masterpiece.

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