Concert to Honor the Alexandrov Ensemble

(версия по-русски)

On Friday, February 3rd 2017 at 8pm, four choirs from the Bay Area joined to present a concert of choral music to honor the following people who perished in a plane crash in the Black Sea last December:

  • 60 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble (Red Army Chorus)

  • Dr. Elizaveta Glinka

  • Six reporters from Channel One

  • Flight crew

Participating choirs included:

Slavyanka Russian Chorus

The Choir of the Holy Virgin Cathedral

The Choir of the Church of All Russian Saints in Burlingame

The Diakonia Choir of San Francisco


The program included sacred music, and secular music in the spirit of the Red Army Chorus.

The concert was open to the public and was free of charge.

The loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble was a great national tragedy for the Russian people, who took immense pride in this chorus, one of the most well known and beloved choruses in Russia’s great choral tradition. This loss was also felt deeply by many Americans, who have fond memories of their recordings and performances. Even as early as the 1950’s, their sound floated over the walls that were between our countries for many years, giving to many Americans their first exposure to the beauty and vitality of Russian music and Russian culture.

This concert was offered in deep respect and gratitude; a thank you from American singers and American people, for all that this choir has given to the world over nine decades. May their music and their spirit be remembered for many years.

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